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A1 Series Displacement Sensor Application

The A1 series displacement sensor is specially designed and developed for the voltage cooker,which can be used for displacement detection,pressure detection,safety control and so on.The product has compact structure and convenient installation.The measuring rod is made of high temperature resistant ceramic parts,which can bear the temperature of heating p;ate directly.With patented structure and built-in fine-tuned conversion amplifier circuit.The sensor not only has high anti-interference ability but also excellent linearity,every 0.01mm displacement can be accurately monitored.

What Is The Air Pressure Sensor?

Description of gas contact displacement sensor

The gas contact displacement sensor is installed on the mounting plate inside the lid of the electric pressure cooker, and the sampling part of the sensor is directly in contact with the steam in the pot.

When the electric pressure cooker is working, the temperature in the pot rises and corresponding steam will be generated. The steam pressure F will act on the sampling part of the sensor to produce corresponding displacement. The pressure in the pot can be known in real time through the change of sensor displacement.

Description of mechanical contact displacement sensor

The mechanical contact displacement sensor is installed on the surface of the electric pressure cooker at the bottom, and the displacement part of the sensor is in contact with the rigid displacement mechanism of the cooker.

Air Pressure Sensor Working Principle

When the product is subjected to an external force F(here referred to as mechanical displacement contact force or gas contact pressure), the magnetic core will be displaced relative to the coil by the external force F. The physical displacement is converted into convenient input and output analog signal (here refers to the frequency value) through the circuit, the physical quantity changes stably, and the transformation of the physical quantity is little affected by temperature and humidity, so it can be very reliable and low-cost for electric pressure cooker high temperature and high humidity environment.

F1 Air Pressure Sensor

F1 series pressure sensors are designed and developed for pressure cookers with excellent resistance to steam and blockage.The utility model can be used for direct real-time detection of steam pressure,temperature detection and exhaust gas detection of an electric pressure cooker,etc..The utility model has the advantages of compact structure,convenient installation,real-time detection of the pressure change of the boiler steam per 1KPA,and indirect detection of the temperature through the pressure change.The patented structure design and built-in precision debugging of the conversion amplifier circuit make the sensor has excellent linearity.

Air Pressure Sensor Characteristics

The Characteristics of an Air Pressure Sensor include the following

  • Compact structure,easy installation
  • Built-in precision debug conversion amplifier circuit,good linearity
  • Anti-clogging and easy to clean design prevents food residue clogging the sampling portion of the sensor
  • Designed to withstand high temperature and pressure of the steam sensor design and can accurately measure
  • Product Application
  • Electric pressure cooker
  • Anything else that requires a pressure test


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