• NTC Thermistor Mounted Type

Technical specifications

NTC Thermistor Mounted Type

Resistance range:0.1-500K

Operating temperature range:-20 – +160

Rated power:0.7mw

Thermal time constant:2-5s

Technical applications

Office automation equipment(such as computers,copiers,printers,ect.)

Battery pack,wireless charging,instrument coil,integrated circuit)

Hair dresser equipment,vacuum cleaner

Industrial,medical and automobile device

Technical characteristics

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Small size, light weight, no lead, suitable for high density surface mount

Excellent weldability and heat resistance and impact resistance, suitable for wave soldering and reflow welding

The surface of porcelain body is encapsulated by glass, with good moisture resistance

Can reduce the number of IC ports, promote the miniaturization of equipment and easy to realize automatic production

NTC Thermistor Mounted Type

SMD NTC thermistor is a thermal semiconductor resistor, specially designed for temperature measurement and compensation. It is a SMD component made of ceramic material with excellent reliability and performance. Applied to various electronic equipment

Technical applications

Temperature detection of CPU and storage devices
Thermal Sensing of Power Transistors, Oscillators
Overheating Sensing for Communication Equipment
Overheating Sensing for Battery Packs
Overheating sensing of automotive electronic equipment such as ABS system and automotive instrumentation

Size Specification

0805[2012]    L2.00*W1.25*T0.85

0603[1608]    L1.60*W0.80*T0.80

0402[1005]    L1.00*W0.50*T0.50

0201[0603]    L0.60*W0.30*T0.30

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