• NTC Thermistor Film Type

ntc thermistor film type

Technical specifications

NTC Thermistor Film Type

Resistance range:0.1-500K

Operating temperature range:-40 – +260

Rated power:0.7mw

Thermal time constant:2-5s

Technical applications

Office automation equipment(such as computers,copiers,printers,ect.)

Battery pack,wireless charging,instrument coil,integrated circuit)

Hair dresser equipment,vacuum cleaner

Industrial,medical and automobile device

Technical characteristics

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Good stability and high reliability

Fast thermal response,no accuracy attenuation with long-term use

NTC Film Thermistor Material

NTC thermistor is made of high purity transition metal oxides such as Mn, Cu and Ni by co-precipitation powder, isostatic pressing molding and high temperature sintering at 112-1400 ℃, combined with advanced semiconductor cutting, slicing technology and glass sealing, epoxy technology, various types of NTC thermistor, product variety, high precision, good stability. Resistance value range 0.5~ 2000K ω, B value range 2500~4500.)

Product advantages

Small in size and lightweight

Response more quickly  with a stable structure for easy installing

Temperature Range


Max thickness


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