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Our Pressure Transducer Are Widely Used In Clean­room Monitoring Systems

Stable air pressure is a must in cleanrooms to avoid contamination. Our differential pressure transmitters help with this and enable reliable measurement thanks to diaphragm design and with solenoid valves. Learn more about the benefits of professional pressure measurement technology in cleanrooms here.

cleanroom applications
Maintenance Of OverPressure In Cleanrooms Or Mini Environments

Maximum Protection

Cleanroom operating requirements are becoming ever more stringent. The maintenance of overpressure is a good example of this process at work. The objective is to prevent any inflow of contaminated air by maintaining stable pressure cascades. Facilities with a number of cleanrooms (or plants with a number of mini environments) create areas with different pressure levels in order to provide the greatest possible protection for the most sensitive zones.

Accurate Pressure Measurement

In the past, auditors could often be satisfied by showing them the pressure measurement on a large, round pressure gauge display. Much more accurate methods are required today. And this is perfectly justifiable. Uncontrolled contamination can endanger the quality of the end product and, in extreme cases, create a health risk.

Using A Pressure Transmitter

The obligation to ensure continuous monitoring of overpressure described in standard DIN EN ISO 14644 cannot be met simply by installing a display. Where are the regulating countermeasures if the overpressure falls below the critical threshold value? Consequently, it is now standard practice to measure differential pressure continuously (i.e. using a pressure transmitter) and transmit this signal to a control module.


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