Applied to pressure cooker


Sensor Location


Under the heating plate of the electric pressure cooker

Installed under the heating plate of the electric pressure cooker, the displacement sensor can defect a very tiny shift of the heating plate, according to which the real-time pressure value inside the cooker can be monitored. By realizing the well-control of the cooker, the product becomes more intelligent and safer.


Inside the pressure cooker lid

Installed inside the pressure cooker lid and detected its pressure value directly, which shows the actual-reaction value of the pot, master the status of pressure cooker in real-time, to be safe and accurate control.


Sensor Location

Household appliance

Applied to range hood

According to the situation of the pipeline’s pressure, adjust the gears and the exhaust volume in real-time to achieve the CVT.

When the smoke is poor, flue resistance is large, it will increase pressure automatically to prevent fumes intrusion and to ensure smooth smoke exhaust.

According to the real-time monitoring of the pressure data, adjust the motor speed and keep constant exhaust.

Intelligent cleaning reminder/ Automatic cleaning linkage.

Unified installation standards.

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