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temperature sensor

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Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensor refers to a sensitive device composed of a resistor element and a connecting line plus one or several other materials, mainly used for temperature detection and control.


Can operate in high temperature and moisture environment

Fast thermal speed and high sensitivity

No accuracy attenuation with long-term use

Stable constructure,easy to install

Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensors are constructed to monitor a regular check on special structures like highway bridges, railway tracks, concrete or soil dams, etc. A thermometer is the most common form of them applied to sense the degree of temperature everywhere.

Technical applications

Water heater, Electromagnetic furnace, Electric oven, Sterilizer, Microwave oven, Coffee maker, Vacuum cup

Digital thermometer, Barbecue fork, Thermostat

Industrial, medical and automobile device

Technical Specification

Resistance range:2~5000KΩ

Operating temperature range:-40~+300℃

Rated power:≥2.0mw

Thermal time constant:≤6.5S

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