Overview of the current market and future development trends of pressure sensors

sensor technology


Sensor technology is one of the important technologies in modern measurement and automation systems. With the development of silicon, micromachining technology, VLSI technology, material preparation and research on properties, pressure sensors are applied to optical fiber sensors, high-temperature silicon piezoresistive and pressure sensors. Large-scale production of electrical junction sensors is possible, and pressure sensors have broad application prospects in biomedicine, micromechanics and other fields.

Because the pressure sensor technology involves a wide range of technologies, the discussion of pressure sensor theory, the application of new technologies and methods, and the research on new materials and new processes will become the development trend.

At present, there is an increasing demand for small pressure sensors in the market. These small pressure sensors can work in extremely harsh environments, require little maintenance, and have little impact on the surrounding environment. They can be placed in various vital organs of the human body to collect data without affecting people’s normal life.

And integrated pressure sensors have been increasingly integrated with other measurement sensors to form measurement and control systems. Integrated systems can increase the speed and efficiency of process control and factory automation. Because of the emergence of integration, some microprocessors can be added to the integrated circuit, so that the sensor has the functions of automatic compensation, communication, self-diagnosis, and logical judgment.